9 - 13

NIFT-Salarjung Museum Collaborative Exhibition

Temporary curated exhibition highlighting the SHERWANI, as the princely attire of the of the Nizams. This exhibition will capture the regality of men’s dress through the available costumes in the Salarjung museum. Historical resources such photographs, paintings, accessories and other available resources will be used to authenticate the information and presentation. Development of informational plaques, sketches, patterns and addition of contemporary adaptations of the dress can enhance the visitor’s understanding of the historical importance and relevance of the present collection of costumes. The exhibition will aim to serve an informative, educative and aesthetically pleasing experience for the visitors. Display strategies will attempt to analyse textiles, motif, surface, craft and detail as applicable.


9-13 October


Salarjung Museum


National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad