9 - 13

Meaning is Usage – Bordeaux Designer Presentations

1. Creative City and Desirable Development with Yvan Detraz

Yvan Detraz’s talk on “Creative City and Desirable Development” will give inputs on the urbanism of prefiguration to reveal the potential poetry of public spaces. It will explore permissive urbanism based on light and reversible interventions in reaction to public space impoverishment and self-withdrawal. Yvan Detraz is a French architect and Director of Bruit du Frigo (‘Fridge Noise’). Founded in 1997, Bruit du Frigo is a hybrid of an urban planning practice, a creative collective and a popular education structure.

2. Innovation by Use with Justine Rouger

“Innovation by Use” is a design methodology that is popular in the furniture industry. In this talk with Justine Rouger, she will discuss her work supporting enterprises in the development of furniture products – from innovation to production. Justine works with a team of designers, material experts and ergonomists. FCBA supports professionals of the forest, cellulose, wood-building, and furniture sectors in their development and projects.


10 October


5.00 - 7.00pm




Bordeaux Métropole & Etat du Telangana