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Event Programme

Our calendar is a round source for what’s happening in our city’s design community, across disciplines.

HDW Conference

With the theme of Humanising Design, the HDW Conference will bring together world-leading design practitioners to explore their role as problem-solvers and change-makers, and present the best in human-centric design innovation.

Government of Telangana, in partnership with India Design Forum and the World Design Organisation.
11-12 October9:00am- 5:00pmHyderabad International Convention Centre, Kondapur

VIA by Béatrice de Fays (aka B2Fays) & Mathieu Constans

Béatrice de Fays & Mathieu Constans : This multimedia installation is offering an interactive immersive environment generated in real time from the presence and the movements of the visitors. Participants become aware of "entering the process of creation" of a world of constantly evolving images and sounds, which are revealed by their own presence.

B2Fays Creation & Fil d’Ariane Association
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre

FLOCK: Crowdsourced Art Installations

These community-based workshops will bring together participants of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience to experiment with design through creative play.

11-12 October3.00 pm onwardsIKEA Hyderabad

Fractals Workshop: Collective Intelligence

The Fractals workshop uses readily available, recyclable materials to create different installations inspired by organic forms and structures.

30 August-1 September; 3-5 September; 7-9 SeptemberPermanent installation at prominent road intersections


A series of urban interventions that raise awareness about vernacular construction methods and their role in sustainable and responsible design and architecture.

9 October onwardsProminent public park

Virtual Reality: 360 Degree Animation

Through VR, the trailer will trace the journey of Hayat Bakshi Begum, who is considered to be one of the most influential women rulers of the medieval Deccan.

IIT Hyderabad
8-9 October; 11-12 OctoberRajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad International Convention Centre

Virtual Reality Experience of Qutb Shahi Tombs

Experience the lavish grandeur of the past amid the dynamic evolution of Hyderabad's present, through a unique interaction of heritage, design, and technology.

IIT Hyderabad
8 - 9 October; 11-12 OctoberRajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad International Convention Centre

St+art Foundation

This large-scale installation on the city's prominent Hussain Sagar Lake will awaken the social conscience and act as a much-needed call to action.

St+art Foundation
9 October- 9 NovemberHussain Sagar Lake

Pochampally Ikat

The Pochampally Project will celebrate Hyderabad's enduring legacy of design in craft and culture through large-scale textile installations.

Alcubis Design Solutions
9 OctoberRajeev Gandhi International Airport

Loo Cafe X Water Loop

Designed to capture the attention and imagination of both design week attendees and the wider public, Loo Café x Water Loop aims to inspire conversations around critical issues of sustainable sanitation, circularity and nature-based systems.

Jane Withers Studio, British Council India, GHMC Loo Café and Anupama Kundoo Architects
11-12 OctoberLoo Cafe at Hyderabad International Convention Centre

Merchandise Design Challenge

Win an exclusive chance for your merchandise to be sold at the Hyderabad Design Week and World Design Assembly.

KrishnaKriti Foundation
30 September

JNAFAU Street Design Hackathon

Explore the role of design in the shifting streetscapes of Hyderabad through a series of collaborative design workshops presented by JNAFAU.


JNAFAU Sustainable Cities Workshop

Discover how to use principles of good design to address some of the biggest challenges of urban living and create more sustainable cities for the future.


InquiLab Innovation Cycles

InquiLabs Innovation Cycles stimulate creative thinking and critical problem solving skills through a series of fun and engaging children's workshops.

Winner entries to be displayed on 11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre, Kondapur

HDW Design Challenge

The HDW Design Challenge, held in partnership with CII, encourages designers to consider both their responsibility and power to address pressing global issues.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) & Govt of Telangana
Winner entries to be displayed on 11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre, Kondapur

Design Open :: Sense Make

Join the leaders as they discuss their responses to the dynamic changes in business, technology and design.

IxDA + Spread Design and Innovation
13 October10:00am to 5:00pmMicrosoft Campus Building 3, Gachibowli

Design for Cultural Context

The free half-day workshop intends to help participants design digital experiences with cultural contexts.

9 October1:30 pm- 5:30 pmBuilding 3, Microsoft (R&D) Pvt Ltd, Gachibowli

Tholu Bommalata Performance

Witness the cultural heritage peculiar to South India through this shadow-puppet performance featuring characters inspired by the epics.

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad
10 October6.30pm to 7.30pmNational Institute of Fashion Technology campus, opposite Hitech city

Sacred Geometry in Crafts

Discover the hidden geometry in ancient craft practices, to design and create beautiful, contemporary hand-made objects.

Indian Institute of Crafts & Design Jaipur
9-10 October10.30am - 5.30pmPhoenix Arena

Tessellation in Weaving

Discover the construction of intricate weaving patterns and make your own geometric designs.

Indian Institute of Crafts & Design Jaipur
9-10 October10.30am - 5.30pmPhoenix Arena

Charpai Weaving

Learn to create a piece of the iconic Indian charpai design during this hands-on workshop.

Indian Institute of Crafts & Design Jaipur
9-10 October10.30am - 5.30pmLamakaan

Kaavad Workshop

Reclaim a rich tradition of storytelling through craft to share your own social message.

Indian Institute of Crafts & Design Jaipur
9-10 October10.30am - 5.30pmLamakaan

Meaning is Usage - Bordeaux Designer Presentations

In these two engaging talks with designers from Bordeaux - twin city of Hyderabad - come discover transformational approaches to urban design and design methodology development, based on the user's experience of virtual and physical prototypes.

Bordeaux Métropole & Etat du Telangana
10 October5.00 - 7.00pmLamakaan

Designing Next Gen Consumer Experiences: Industrial Design Workshop

A unique opportunity for companies and professionals to learn from industry experts about the importance of design to shaping next generation consumer experiences.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
18 SeptemberHotel Haritha Plaza

Design For Impact

Hone your design skills to navigate through the dynamic environment to be able to contribute to society at large.

NASSCOM Design4India
9 October9:30am- 5:00pmT-Hub, Hyderabad

Designing for Humans, Not Users - Exploring an Empirical Model

Differentiate between a user vs a human with a tangible reality through this workshop. Learn the process of product design that takes into consideration real human emotions.

NASSCOM Design4India
10 October9:30am- 1:30pmT Hub Hyderabad

Tie & Dye Workshop

Ever wondered how the unique design of tie and dye is created? Discover the intricate process of wrapping and dyeing textiles to create this popular fabric.

9-10 October10:00am to 1:00pmTextile Lab, Hamstech, Gachibowli campus

Fashion Design Seminar

Four time National award winner Neeta Lulla will lead this seminar focusing the power of design to be a positive agent for change.

10 October2.00pm to 4.00pmHamstech, Gachibowli campus

Co-Designing Innovation: A Design Swarms Workshop with Surya Vanka

Learn a globally trending co-design method called Design Swarms, and use it to solve a difficult social challenge as part of a team.

Authentic Design
10 October10:00am to 5:00pmMicrosoft Hyderabad Building 3, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

U-Turn Artists Workshop

A workshop that takes us back to our roots to look for answers to contemporary problems in the cultural wisdom of our ancestors.

9-10 October9:30am- 6:00pmJNAFAU Campus

Public Participation in Urban Design

This series of multidisplinary sessions will explore design's potential to encourage positive interactions between people and the environment in which we live.

8-10 October10:00am to 5:30pmJNAFAU Campus

DoScience Workshops: The Art and Science of Kite Making and Kite Flying, Build Your Own Rube Goldberg Machine, and The Art and Maths of Weaving with Natural Fibres

Breaking away from formal teaching methods, DoScience takes science outside the classrooms to provide experiential learning opportunities, sparking curiosity and innovation in children.

9-10 October9.00am-12.00pm, 12.00pm-3.00pm, 3.00pm-6.00pmNational Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Gachibowli


Explore & Experience the interactive installation - Understand, Define, Ideate & Prototype.

Studio 318
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre

Be There

Presenting the blueprint for design in the future, this exhibition intends to explore possibilities for everyone.

Taiwan Design Centre
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre

NIFT-Salarjung Museum Collaborative Exhibition

SHERWANI - a costume narrative from the courts of the Nizams.

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad
9-13 OctoberSalarjung Museum

Craft Market at Chowmahalla Palace

A market-place for regional crafts and live demonstrations from local karigars (artisans) held at Chowmahalla Palace.

Government of Telangana
12 October7:30pm onwardsChowmahalla Palace

Indian Photography Festival

Considered to be South Asia's leading photography event, the festival celebrates a range of Indian and international photography across all genres.

State Gallery of Art
19 September - 20 OctoberState Gallery of Art, Jubilee Hills

The India Design Show - presented by CII

The India Design Show presents the country's best design innovations and showcases the significant role of design to economic development, system operations and quality of life.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre, Kondapur

Young Designers Showcase

An inspiring showcase of ambitious ideas, new approaches and pioneering projects presented by the best of graduate design talent from across India.

IIT-Hyderabad, NIFT, Hamstech, JNAFAU-ENSAP
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre, Kondapur

Unlearn Exhibit

A thought-provoking exhibit to raise awareness about mindful consumption and showcase conscious and sustainable living practices.

Mihika Lakdawala
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre

The Hyderabad Story of Industrial Design

A powerful exhibition celebrating the way in which design thinking and innovation have both emerged from and shaped the urban history of the city.

Hyderabad Urban Labs (HUL)
11-12 OctoberHyderabad International Convention Centre

Craft Market at Chowmahalla Palace

A market-place for regional crafts and live demonstrations from local karigars (artisans) held at Chowmahalla Palace.

Government of Telangana
12 October7:30pm onwardsChowmahalla Palace

Leveraging IP for Young Innovators and Designers

An opportunity for the younger generation of designers and innovators to explore the legality that surrounds intellectual property rights.

10 October10:30am-1.00pmTaj Deccan Hotel

Humanistic Design for Healthcare and Well-being

Hear influential innovators discuss the dynamic world of healthcare, and explore how a better future can be shaped through innovative design practices.

LV Prasad Eye Institute
9 October10am- 5pmLV Prasad Eye Institute, Banjara Hills

Chowmahalla Palace - Networking Dinner

A culturally rich evening held at Chowmahalla Palace - a UNESCO World Heritage site - for all HDW Conference delegates.

Government of Telangana
12 OctoberChowmahalla Palace

Sustainable Fashion Show

Engaging leading Indian designers, brands, and sustainability stakeholders, this presentation will showcase inspiring narratives on how fashion can be an agent for positive change.

Curated by Bibi Russell, presented by the Government of Telangana
12 OctoberChowmahalla Palace

Falaknuma Palace - Networking Dinner

Private dinner held at Falaknuma Palace - former home to the Nizams.

Government of Telangana
11 OctoberFalaknuma Palace

IDF Awards

The IDF Awards are a celebration of creative talent in India, recognising those who have contributed significantly to the trajectory of Indian design and who showcase extraordinary design innovation.

India Design Forum
10 OctoberThe Park, Hyderabad

WDO's Research and Education Forum

The World Design Organisation presents the 2019 WDO Research and Education Forum, in conjunction with its 31st World Design Assembly.

World Design Organisation (WDO), Government of Telangana, IIT Hyderabad, and the Indian School of Business (ISB).
10 OctoberIndian School of Business, Gachibowli

Autodesk Design Night

At each Design Night, Autodesk takes a new and unexpected theme and explores how tech is transforming it - all with a bar, food, music, and activities.

9 October7.00pm to 10.00pmZero40

Between Natural and Built Heritage: A Walk through Hilltop School, Golconda

A visit to the lively HillTop school designed by the Hyderabad based firm DesignAware, exploring architecture that embraces the surrounding topography.

13 October11am- 12:30pmMeetup at Katora Hauz/ Matharoo Pasha’s House, Golconda

Run-up of Historic City Treasure Hunt

As a precursor to Hyderabad Design Week, a unique treasure hunt tour curated especially for city patrons

28 September8.30am to 5.00pmAcross Hyderabad

UNDP Tour Around Hyderabad

This tour will take you through the rustic charms of a weavers crafts village along with a peaceful sojourn to a meditation forest

ASLI Hyderabad
13 October9:30amAcross Hyderabad

Design District Tour

This tour will showcase specially curated art and design locations across the city including the street art at Maqtha.

ASLI Hyderabad
13 October9.30amAcross Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City Tour

Tour behind the scenes of the Live Film Studio to explore first-hand the action of Tollywood and Bollywood, in the world’s largest Film City.

ASLI Hyderabad
13 October9.30amAcross Hyderabad

Historic City Treasure Hunt

This exciting tour of the city of Hyderabad will help explore it's history through a carefully planned treasure hunt.

ASLI Hyderabad
13 October8.30am - 5.00pmAcross Hyderabad

Maqtha Art District

This tour takes you through 40 murals in M S Maqta, detailing the stories behind them while engaging with an urban village in the heart of Hyderabad.

10 October & 13 October10 AM & 5PMMS Maqta, Eidgah Ground